Inclusively Fit started when we asked ourselves one simple question.

What if there was a place for the special needs and disabled persons among us that combined exercise, enthusiasm, and empathy? A place where “welcome” is a mantra, not a mat. A place where success is measured in smiles, as well as, in speed and steps. Our answer was, Inclusively Fit.

We firmly believe in the important work we do at Inclusively Fit.  We are committed to meeting the unmistakable and overwhelming need in this area. Since our early days, we have been blessed to partner with amazing individuals and witness remarkable and inspiring personal achievements. If you are looking for a way to give back; a means to grow something of meaning that truly changes lives, we would welcome your support. The Inclusively Fit family is growing, and we would love to have you be part of Our Mission.  Thank you for your interest and consideration.


Our vision is clear and the journey to make Inclusively Fit a reality has been rewarding. However, it would be misleading to say that it has been easy. The current healthcare and connected support systems have primarily been built for everyone except the special needs and disabled communities.  Yet, these are the very groups that are at the greatest risk of obesity and the major health issues that typically accompany this condition.  When you then couple obesity with the tendency to live sedentary lifestyles, the problem only becomes more difficult to solve.  As a society, we have not taken the required steps to address this unhealthy epidemic. There is a gap. The gap is real. And the gap is large.

Every day Inclusively Fit closes this gap, but we need your help.  We have outlined below two distinct ways you can assist us in this effort.


As you would expect, families with a special needs or disabled individual in their household often struggle to pay for the many therapies they seek. A 2018 article titled “The Cost of Raising a Special Needs Child” from Autism Speaks reported that for “children with medical and/or developmental disabilities, lifetime expenses for the family to raise and care for their child can be overwhelming”.  Keenly aware of this fact, Inclusively Fit has always strived to ensure that its One-on-One Adaptive Fitness hourly rates are kept affordable.  In fact, they remain almost half the rates charged by personal trainers in well-known local fitness centers.  Despite this, we still have some families that need some financial assistance.

If you are moved to help Inclusively Fit so that it can continue to affordably provide this invaluable service and to ensure no family is turned away, we invite you to select the Donate tab located above.


We are anxious to open more locations in the Metro Detroit area. The need is great.  Families contact us every day from other parts of the city.  As such, we are also raising funds to assist with the opening of our second fitness center. Again, if you are moved to help, we invite you to select the Donate tab located above.


If you have experience working with the special needs and disabled community and share a love for fitness, exercise, and good health, please drop an email, give us a call, or stop by. We would love to talk to you about employment with Inclusively Fit.  The work we do and the impact we make are both rewarding and gratifying.  We are building something special here at Inclusively Fit, for a community that wants and needs our services. We are always looking for like-minded individuals who understand the dramatic and sustaining impact fitness can have on a person’s life. Drop us a line.