Most families can pay our one-on-one training rates which we have managed to keep at only $45 per hour. However, every day we meet families of special persons that need some level of assistance to come in the first place or to come more than once or twice a week. To fill this need and to make sure no one is turned away, Inclusively Fit has set up a program to offer Scholarship Assistance up to $25 per hour to subsidize the program cost. Please help Inclusively Fit to say YES to everyone.

Keeping Inclusively Fit Affordable

Inclusively Fit’s $45 per-hour-rate is one-half the cost of a typical personal training session, in any local fitness center. To make sure that every family with a special person that currently comes to Inclusively Fit or wishes to, can afford to. Costs will continue to rise. Help Inclusively Fit to keep its hourly rates low.

Mark and student
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