Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle, a pursuit that must always include an exercise regimen. Inclusively Fit firmly believes this pursuit should also include members of the special needs community. When we learn how to move correctly and to engage in new or novel physical activities, our bodies and brains reap the benefits of those new experiences and new skills. Many of the physical skills we develop as infants and toddlers cross over or “generalize” to daily life activities when we are older. However, for those with special needs, it is often more challenging to reach physical goals and harder to generalize these goals into the community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion agree, and even suggest, that local organizations should be providing, “Community-based programs to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.” Their research offers the following instructions, “Parents of special needs children should encourage participation in sports and physical activity in general. Don’t approach sports as something they can’t do, but rather guide them toward participating in sports in which they can succeed and have fun doing so.” This is great advice, but where does a family go?

Inclusively Fit fills the void. Inclusively Fit offers Adaptive Fitness.

In simple terms, Adaptive Fitness instruction is basically the welcoming of special needs and disabled individuals into healthy exercise and fitness programs that are ‘custom adapted’ on an individual basis to meet the specific needs and circumstances of each person, while considering any individual limitation there may be.

Inclusively Fit is a unique fitness center that offers one-on-one training to individuals who have special needs. Anyone with a physical or developmental disability belongs in our nurturing community: this is our core competency, and it has always been our focus. As our name – Inclusively Fit – suggests, we welcome all individuals of all capabilities.

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