The staggering health statistics among today’s youth are serious. The age of technology has made many of our children adopt a sedentary lifestyle which, often accompanied by an unhealthy diet, has resulted in an obesity epidemic in our young people. Of course, as with any health condition, early identification and treatment are critical. We at Inclusively Fit believe that with an early exercise and fitness regimen intervention, the trajectory of lifelong health problems can be STOPPED in its tracks. Learning and adopting the right exercise and fitness regimen, while still young, can alternatively result in healthy lifelong habits for positive benefits. Feeling better, and feeling better about oneself, opens up every door — even those doors that appear to have already been closed.

Inclusively Fit offers one-on-one training and mentoring to young people with this special need. Our fitness center is welcoming and supportive. You will always feel like you belong here — because you do. We also offer opportunities to buddy-up with other young people, should schedules allow, to new make friends and to work as a team to beat obesity.

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