We’re proud of what we do and appreciative of the opportunities we have to work with and get to know each and every client. The differences we see are rewarding, but our perspective is limited to what we see while we are working with each individual and only part of the story. We think it is important to hear from the families of our clients as well and are thankful that we can share some of their thoughts here.


“Jack has been transformed! He started as a skinny, shy boy and has turned into a confident, strong young man. His confidence has grown, and his teachers recognize this as well. He no longer cowers in the back of the room but seeks out friendships with his peers. His trainer is a motivator, cheerleader, and friend. We are so happy we found IF and met with Mark!“


“We absolutely love Inclusively Fit. The team is talented, uplifting, and kind, starting with the owner/trainer/motivator Mark Ralko. The facility is first-rate, not something we are accustomed to in the special needs world. Best of all, our daughter is improving her strength, mobility and confidence! Thank you Inclusively Fit!“


“In four months, Ryan has changed. His body posture, his weight, and muscle tone has improved, and his attitude and self-respect, has also improved so much. His trainer, Breanna is awesome, making sure he completes all workouts using correct stance, and works to his full ability.“


“Two years ago, my son, Nevin became a family member of Inclusively Fit. Bryan (his trainer) has been a wonderful role model and mentor; encouraging him to believe in himself and inspiring him to challenge himself and work harder. Bryan has also instilled discipline and a sense of pride in my son. If you are considering working with Inclusively Fit, I encourage you to drop by and check it out at the facility and talk to Mark.“


“Unfortunately, in the prior few years, the overuse of the wheelchair had resulted in significant degradation of Julia’s ambulatory abilities and health. However, in the last twelve months, she is starting to prove that she is in fact fully capable of ambulation, with appropriate support. In addition to fitness, she has also grown in her ability to relate to the different trainers she has had – there is a true social component and benefit to the activity and environment.
Her progress at Inclusively Fit is a pretty remarkable thing: both for her physical and her emotional well-being.“


“I just want to let you know how grateful we are for Inclusively Fit. Our 15-year-old son, Nick, loves coming to the gym to work out with his personal trainer. It is a fun way for him to stay healthy and work towards his goal of playing basketball for the Special Olympics. After only a few visits to Inclusively Fit, his teacher, tutor, and occupational therapist also noted an improvement in his confidence and ability to focus. We are so pleased that Nick is enjoying the gym and getting all the added benefits at the same time!“


“Michael started in July 2016 as Inclusively Fit was first opening. I called because I was desperate to get my son off the couch and to learn the value of exercise. At the time, Michael was severely overweight and his experience in exercising or any gym-related activity was minimal. At first, Michael would fight about going to the gym but as time went on, he got used to it and would not debate going. After three months, I started to notice some changes in Michael. I first noticed that his energy and stamina were much better. He did not want to go to sleep as early and was willing to do more chores around the house. After twelve months, my son’s typical workout consists of a brisk walk on the treadmill for a half-hour, lifting weights, riding the exercise bike for twenty minutes, and even shooting baskets. And, most importantly, he lost 20 pounds. And he started to drink water with his meals instead of soft drinks—this was big.“


“You guys have no idea how HUGE this is. After years and years of PT when she was younger, Elena still insists on climbing down the stairs in my house like a toddler—leading with one foot only and stopping with two feet per every step. Yesterday and today, I noticed she was walking down in a typical one-foot rotating per step fashion. I was so happy and asked her why she was doing that suddenly. She told me that Karen at Inclusively Fit, the personal trainer . . . showed her that on the stairs they have set up in the gym. You guys, my girl is walking down the stairs like most people her age do! Inclusively Fit is amazing. Go check them out if you have a loved one who needs specialized training in a relaxed, friendly, judgment-free gym. My girl is climbing stairs correctly!!”


“Christina has been coming to Inclusively Fit for 3 years and has made amazing progress through her hard work and determination. She has Cerebral Palsy and is wheelchair-bound with limited movement in her arms and her legs. When Christina came to Inclusively Fit, she was determined to lose weight and to become stronger. Now at age 39, and with her hard work paying off, Christina was able to stand on her feet for the first time at Inclusively Fit with the support of her trainer Bryan. Other than being able to stand with support, Christina has lost a dress size which has increased her confidence. Let Christina be a motivator and never let any disability get in the way of your goals. IF you are here you will SUCCEED!“

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