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20:24 05 Nov 22
The physical trainer Mark, is phenomenal with his clients. This gym is perfect for multiple ability needs.
Babb MartinaBabb Martina
13:36 01 Jul 22
I love the community support I experience at OTF. I also feel the comradely of others yet I feel like I have a personal trainer. The coaches are the best, they really seem to care about all of the members.
Ellanore EvansEllanore Evans
01:01 30 Apr 22
Love the food. Don’t like the automatic 3% tagged on to your bill when paying with a credit card though.
Tulsi GoelTulsi Goel
09:28 16 Jan 21
Best gym I have ever been to. Would definitely recommend this place if you’re a serious fitness person or if your just getting started. Great staff as well!
Sue JozwikSue Jozwik
22:29 24 Nov 20
Love this place!! They do a great job of working with my son on his strength and muscle tone, as well as with his adhd and chatty personality.

Introducing Inclusively Fit, a place and approach to fitness and exercise as unique as the individuals it was created to serve. An organization where everyone understands a person’s physical well-being is strongly connected to their emotional well-being. And that physical accomplishment doesn’t just build stronger muscles, but a stronger sense of self.

If you’re a family member, teacher or friend or someone with special needs, and struggled to find fitness programs or facilities that meet the specific needs of your child, you’re not alone. Inclusively Fit was founded upon a very simple realization … many children, as well as adults with special needs, can greatly benefit from a personal exercise and fitness program.

We’ve asked ourselves, “What if?” Our answer is Inclusively Fit. A place that believes fitness is a journey best traveled with friends.



37980 Commerce Dr #1002
Sterling Heights, MI 48312


(586) 850-5004

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