An interesting statement some years ago from the CEO of the Special Olympics pretty much sums up the reason why we started Inclusively Fit – the Special Needs community is underserved and overlooked when it comes to exercise and fitness.

“As a society, we have to do a much better job of building community for people who have some challenges but still have the capacity to be healthy. We have an epidemic of low expectations and social isolation and the resulting health and emotional problems that ensue from that. Balance is about finding a sense of self-worth and social engagement so that you can feel good about yourself and valued by others. Everybody will have a different pathway to achieving that sense of balance. This is not just about our bodies. It’s about our values.”

-Timothy Shriver, Chairman and CEO, Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is a great start but a very limited start since only a fraction of the Special Need community actually participates in Special Olympics. Hence, this community is in dire need of Inclusively Fit and its special needs gym.

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